Sexy Ishvalan Hobo

Okay, I’ve already mentioned how incredibly handsome both of these bastards are, so I’m going to do that thing where I sound serious and sober again.

I really really really love the Scar vs Bradley fight for too many reasons to list. It’s intense, well drawn, expertly paced, and thanks to how sincerely Bradley had wrecked everyone else who’s come against him, you honestly don’t know if Scar’s going to survive this or not. He’s an anti-hero versus someone who has one of the highest “known character” body counts in the series (if not THE highest). All of that comes together to make easily one of the coolest fights in the series.

One of the primary reasons it is so cool is that Bradley scares the living shit out of Scar.

No really look at him. Scar is a dude who up until this point has had about three emotional settings: indifferent, annoyed, or blind with rage. But when he’s fighting Bradley, he is quickly realizing that this guy is not like the rest of the homunculi, he’s not like anyone or anything he’s ever fought before. He’s vicious, determined, and from what the reader has seen so far? Completely unstoppable. Bradley kills a tank with a sword and one hand grenade. Holy shit. The man is a monster in human flesh and right now, he has one single minded goal: to kill the FUCK out of Scar.

And woah wait that scares him? The sheer intensity of Bradley’s killing intent and the realization of “wow i’m going die right now" and it’s not like the other fights before where the possibility of death existed because honestly no it didn’t not quite like this. This guy is going to kill him, not might kill him. That’s a really intense emotion from both of them and it’s what gives the first half of this fight so much power and that’s really awesome.

And it’s that fear that finally, finally propels Scar to use his Creation arm. It gives him the push he needs to bridge the gap. When he finally does, he tells Bradley that he had neither the confidence nor the imagination to use it. Being afraid for your life and understanding “oh shit I do not want to die here there’s still something I have to do” is a damn good way to force you to find that confidence and imagination you lacked before real fucking fast.

ok wow this is a little longer than i planned.

the point is goddamn i love this fight and yes i’ll be talking about the post-reveal half of it as well.